Oliver House

Bisbee Arizona

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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Bed and Breakfast and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to oliverhousebnb@gmail.com.


Where are we located?

We are located just above the Main street and a short walk away from Brewery Gulch. Situated hill side we are one of the few places in town with views of the mountains and looking down on the town. We are hard to find, so please call if you get confused and we will guide you up!


Do you have WIFI?

Yes we do!  No rooms have TVs or phones as the building is old and sound travels throughout.


If I bring libations is there a place to put it?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring food, drinks, ect to put in the fridge.


What are the cost of rooms?

Room with a Shared bath is $85

Room with a Private bath is $95

The shared bath is a full bathroom with a shower/sink/toilet. There is a toilet "closet" on the second floor and another bathroom on the first floor.


Who am I what to expect.

 My Name is Trish. I have had a good run throughout my life with managing kitchens, music stores, ect. I fell in love with this building and decided to take it on. Most of my past guests have become friends, they also can attest to my horrible phone communication, I am a boss at e-mail though! oliverhousebnb@gmail.com .  I tend to be a bit like that sister or aunt you cant wait to see because she tends to Point you in the direction of the best trouble.This is my Home as well as for my two children. I am laid back, sometimes a bit too much, however rules  NO obnoxiously loud noise after 10pm, burning incense, try to do exorcisms, or bring a Ouija into this house. I do not have a staff. I do all things myself on top of being a single mom. OH is Simple, comfortable, kinda broken but working on fixing things, and and old soul.